There is a famous quote that says ,’Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of it’s strength.’ Anxiety is actually a state of mind in which we start feeling nervous and fearful prior to the situation of stress buildup. So, anxiety is not actually an outcome of stress ,indeed, it’s actually a trauma in which one starts feeling nervous of his surroundings.

Many people have a fear of attempting things that seems difficult but are actually simpler if performed with full confidence. Instead of performing the task they decide to quit it because they think that the task is out of their power and couldn’t be handled correctly . This first task makes an abode in their minds and multiplies the level of tremor for every task that comes their way in future . Here is when anxiety sets up in their minds and make them afraid of not living the life freely.

There are several signs of anxiety that can be detected on time and can be overcome by following certain things in the daily routine. These signs may be-

  1. Rapid Heart Rate-

People sometimes feel nervous about certain stuffs which makes their heart to beat rapidly .This rapid heart rate is a true sign that a person may now get an anxiety attack because of the vigorous heart activity going inside his body.

2. Gastrointestinal Problems –

It’s a fact that people those who don’t have good health or have poor digestion and follow a junk diet have several gastrointestinal problems. This may generate a sign of anxiety because all the process going inside our stomach triggers the brain and if the process itself is not coping up properly then chances of having anxiety become high because then our brain will start behaving abnormally.

3. Difficulty Focusing-

Every jigsaw puzzle could be solved easily if one has a stable state of mind and has a proper focus on the solutions to come out of the situation . Several people attempt their tasks with dull and unconfident minds and face failure in their tasks because they do not show their full capability and determination towards their goal.

4. Tiredness –

If we start feeling tired in the moment of the situation we may develop anxiety because keys to the lock of anxiety is present inside the energy that is generated from our body and if the body is not active enough to respond efficiently no possible way could help us.

Now , these were some signs of anxiety but there can be innumerous signs which can make things worse .In order to tackle them, following certain habits in our lifestyle can eliminate these signs. Some of these solutions are –

  1. Healthy diet –

There is a saying that ,’Healthy body needs a healthy mind .’ Well the reality is that the reverse of this statement is also true . Because if the diet is not proper, healthy body could not be build up and result would be worse for our brain . Many people have a wrong conception that intake of high carbs can make them fat and hence they remove carbs from their diet but they don’t have the idea that carbohydrate is the food for the brain our brain will stop working if we restrict carbs in our daily routine .

2. Exercise –

Many people recommend doing exercise daily , doing high intensity workout, doing cycling , doing running all at the same time . But if we do all of them on the same day, our body will get fatigue and infact our lifestyle will become lethargic. So , in order to get rid of it it is better to do only 15 min yoga or exercise that too only 4–5 days a week .

3. Meditation-

Doing meditation can help us make our mind stable and work efficiently in every way possible and our mind will respond quickly and would read the tasks till the depth.

So the core of the issue is that anxiety is a part of life and can come and go at any stage of life .It is advised to follow the better routine and self introspect yourself to eliminate the evil of anxiety .

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